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Custom Clearance Services

  • National comprehensive service platform of foreign trade
  • AA level enterprise rated by customs
  • Agency experience of import and export for 20 years
  • Professional agency team of import and export
  • Green and quick customs clearance
  • Low customs check ratio

Foreign Exchange Services

Regular and safe foreign exchange dealing

Deep cooperation with China Citic Bank and other banks Special website for foreign exchange.

Advanced enjoyment of forward exchange settlement service with benefits of exchange rate.

Customs Drawback Services

We provide regular export drawback, professional and quick process

The tax rebate can be delivered in 5 working days. And there is no service charge which improves the turnover rate of capital.

Our services are convenient and quick, which makes foreign trade equate to domestic trade.

Risk Control Services

Credit Risk
verification service of customerqualificationverification of qualification conducted by overseas bank
Documents Risk
professional verification team of the letter of creditprofessional documents making team
Goods Risk
real-time tracking of goodsstrict control of property in goods

Financial Services

1.We support several means of international settlement
2.We prevent the risks of exchange fluctuations by monitoring exchange rate.
3.We provide supply chain financing services.

Logistics Services

1.We undertake the transportation services of all kinds of building and relevant products, between Chinese major cities and international ports, including FCL, bulking and so on.
2.We undertake the maritime operations of all Chinese major ports. And we have reached cooperation agreements with international large-scale shipping companies, including Maersk Line, CMA, MSC, COSCO , CSCL, APL and HPL. The sea courses spread all over the world.
3.We provide agency service of freight transport, including customs declaration, inspection, declaration, certification, third party inspection, arrangement of export documents and overseas warehouse.
4.We have logistic consulting platform. Since we have deep cooperation with many logistic companies and shipping companies, we can provide several kinds of offer, which is lower than market price.That will help to cut logistic cost.

Import agency service

Food import customs declaration ----- Professional customs clearance service of goods in food type(fruits, organic food, snacks, drinks and so on)Operation procedure of import customs declaration of food:

The recipient entity needs qualification
1.Food business license
2.Food hygiene license
The prove or licence must be provided before import
1.Official certificate of origin and producers official health certificate
2.Ingredients list provided by producer and product inspection report
3.The prove, showing that the products have been registered and approved to sell in its producing country or region.
4.A paper of the original packaging label. Three papers of packaging label in Chinese and English.
5.Manufacturer's official quarantine certificate needs to inspect.
6.Other files and data need to provide.
7.Some fruits need to provide official pesticide residue certification by exporting country.
Detailed matters and relevant expenditure need to handle after exporting.
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